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From Dan Dwyer VP21 Association:

BUNO 143173 first P-2 I ever flew in back in VP-30 in December of 1965. . . after getting to VP-21 in March of 1966 my normally assigned aircraft was BUNO 141242 in which I accumulated most of my flight time.
From Bob Nelson Capt. USN (Ret) VP21 Association:

The first flight of 143173 in VP-21 was on November 23, 1957 - it was a test flight with a duration of 12 minutes.  I was on-board as the NAV.  Seems that "someone" in the cockpit pulled an overhead handle and the MK-12 life raft, located in the port upper wing root, deployed!  Someone in Brunswick received a surprise 12-man life raft - maybe they used it as a swimming pool for the kids. I flew my first P-2 during advanced flight training on October 31, 1956 at NAS Hutchinson. My last flight in a P-2 was on January 2, 1967 - then went into the P-3. Let me say this about the P2V-7 - it was a great aircraft to fly, had "soft wings" (as in turbulence) stable, and most forgiving.  I wish you the best in your goal of getting 143173 in the air.
From Dick Gray AFCM USN (ret):

I have some time in 143173 myself as P/C, both in VP-21 and VP-30. Please keep me on your mailing list concerning that A/C project!!
From Ron Hoffmann:

Here is a picture of 143173 in flight in 1958. You can't see me but I am in the after station at the window on the port side. I would assume the pilot is either Cdr. J.T. Griffith or Ltjg. Bob Nelson (co-pilot).

I'm not sure where we were when this was taken. I am still in touch with Bob Nelson and I will ask him if he might remember. I have more to send later but just wanted to get this one to you.
From Otto Haugland Lt. USNR:

I checked into VP 21 in Sept. '59 - logged about thirteen hours in 143173 up until Feb. '60 when the squadron split deployment between NAF Sigonella, Sicily and Reykjavik, Iceland. She went north and I went to the Med'. I was in "Powerplants" on our return to Brunswick and seem to recall she had such high time engines that we weren't allowed to fly her out to Lockheed O and R - they had to send some of their people to ferry her west. There may be some ADR plane captains still around that might confirm (or debunk) that.

Anyway, good luck in your great venture! I'd like to keep up with your progress.
From Pete Ferriso:

As a member of VP21 in the mid ‘60s I was curious if I had ever piloted #143173. I located in my log book that I had on July 4 1963. Not to sure of what value this is to you, but if I can any other assistance please feel free to contact me.

From James Stark:

I served in VP-21 from Sept 64 until July 67 eventually becoming PPC of CAC-12 (#140974).  Prior to reporting to VP-21, I flew #143173 on three flights during 1964 while assigned to the RAG in VP-30.  My flights occurred on July 23, 24 and the 27, 1964.  The July 23 & 24 flights of 6.2 hrs and 6.6 hrs respectively appear to have been transit flights.  I cannot make out the destination in my log book and wonder if it was to Roosevelt Roads and back.  I got co-pilot time on the flight out on the 23rd, but only special crew time coming back the 24th.  My flight on the 27th was an instrument training flight of 2.8 hours duration.  I flew 1.3 hrs as first pilot making 8 instrument approaches and 1.5 hrs as co-pilot. It's interesting to look at the pictures of the aircraft's cockpit and to realize your hands had been on those throttles 45 years ago.  Best wishes with the project.